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November 9, 2022  

This Man Overcame Homelessness by Building His Own Tiny Home…on Hollywood Boulevard!

November 9, 2022

An army veteran who was homeless in Los Angeles got tired of having his tent cleared out by the city's sanitation teams...so he decided to build his own house. By working with the community, the man, who goes by "Q," gathered the materials necessary to build a tiny home, complete with a generator and potted plants.

Q earns money fixing electric scooters and wants to start his own business, stating that he hopes to be an example for others in his situation. Given that, what can we learn from Q's housing solution, and from others who are responding to the housing crisis in unique—yet logical—ways?

Find out on today's episode of Upzoned, featuring host Abby Kinney and co-host Chuck Marohn!